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Register your Bike: City of Kamloops

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Register your Bike: City of Kamloops
by Rayleigh Elementary - Monday, 19 September 2016, 2:48 PM

Kamloops City in partnership with the RCMP has launch the 529 Garage in Kamloops ( Bike theft is a problem in Kamloops and I know that many of you avid riders have some pretty nice bikes. The 529 is an App where you can register your bike and add information such as serial number and photos. If your bike gets stolen it makes it easier to report to the police and also sends alert to all other App users in the area.
Kamloops is attempting to register 3000 bikes over 2 years and has purchased the tamper-proof 529 shields for residents of the city. Normally they cost $13 but the city is providing them free. These shields cannot be removed and are linked to your bike once entered into the 529 App which makes your bike less appealing to steal and easier to recover.
We are having a registration event at the Juniper Bike Ranch on Saturday September 24th from 10am-2pm. This event is for anyone in the community to take part.