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Safe Arrival Changes

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Safe Arrival Changes
by Shaun McKenna - Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 11:33 AM

A final reminder that SD73 is converting to new Safe Arrival program owned by SchoolMessenger.  This software has its own Student Absence Reporting System that we will be transitioning over tomorrow  (Friday, June 1).  

  • Be sure to download the SchoolMessenger app and create your account.  It should look just like the screenshot below.  

     qypMJQx3hM9DrbZ1eWHBEbiNlWvbCj-SivYRzT1PGvMoiSOr6XKLUtYUa_fiPOBK7CIDtjbqaEVP-gZMr5okm28YvwbYrAdlPWub9uhk8u01QBG-8BlyUtzQXssYA5CG6qvRrd7o ( Available for both iPhone and Android)

  • You can also create an account at the following website:

The absence reporting number will not change 1-844-350-2647.

See the Safe Arrival FAQ attached

For questions or further information, please contact the school.