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Criminal Record Checks

In an effort to further increase the level of student safety in all of our schools, SD73 has changed the expectations around Criminal Record Checks for volunteers.  All school volunteers, field trip drivers & field trip supervisors must have a completed Criminal Record Check on file with the school.  Criminal Record Checks are free to complete and are valid for three years.

There are many ways in which you can be an active parent/caregiver at Rayleigh Elementary.  Our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meets at the school on a regular basis.  The meeting dates are emailed out to families.  Many people volunteer in our school.  School sports' coaches and referees are needed to coach and support our school teams.  Please contact our office if you would like to help with any of our sports teams or other programs.  Your involvement is greatly appreciated and allows us to expand our programs and to support children in ways that we otherwise would not be able to do.  

Once submitted, the school usually receives the official Criminal Record Check notification within 3-4 days.  We are asking Parents/Caregivers to proactively complete their Criminal Record Checks as soon as possible to avoid last minute stress.  The link and access code below are active and you are encouraged to submit this today.

Access code: 58C2ZU8H3Y

Online application for Volunteer's Criminal Record Checks

Volunteer Drivers

In addition to a Criminal Record Check, Volunteer Drivers must also complete a School District 73 Volunteer and Staff Driver Form and submit the form to the school office along with copies of their insurance paperwork and their Driver’s Licence.  The insurance paperwork must show liability coverage of $1 000 000 or greater. The originals can also be brought to the school office to be verified.  This paperwork must be updated every school year.  Please read AP 490 Volunteers In Schools as you prepare to help out at Rayleigh Elementary.

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